William Edward Brown

Born 12th May 2002.

Our second baby boy was born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, at 6:29 pm on 12 May 2002, weighing 8 lb 9 oz.

Susan was again in labour for only 3.5 hours, and she made it look easy. Susan's sister, Alison, took her to the hospital, and stayed during the labour. She was a great help (having had four kids is obviously good training). I had to rush back from John & Joanna's wedding. We'd decided that, even though Susan was having contractions, I should go. As it was I stayed for the service but got the call just before leaving for the reception. Whilst driving home I got another call saying that I should go straight to the hospital, so I knew it was happening this time! We all met in the lobby, and went up to the ward. Unlike Tuesday, there was no question that this was the real thing - the midwife didn't even bother hooking up the monitor when we arrived.

William has an email address. I'm sure he'll love it if you send him a message.

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