The third Seven I owned

It's been been through some hard times, but this 1.6K SS is my best Seven yet.

In June 1998 (about a year after saying good-bye to Seven number two), number three arrived. It is a green (not BRG) and red, 1996 de Dion car with cycle wings. It started with a 1600 K-Series SuperSport engine, but was upgraded at the start of 2004 with an 1800 engine estimated to put out around 175 bhp. I bought this car privately, and it was my most expensive Seven yet, costing the princely sum of £13950, although at the time this was a very good price for a K-Series car.

This picture was sent to me out of the blue by Aidan Parte. He had been looking around this site, when he realised that the Seven he took a picture of (in February 2000) was mine! He was on the RailAir coach from Reading to Heathrow, so he got it at an interesting angle. I think it's pretty cool...

Here's how the original engine sounded from the passenger seat, whilst accelerating up through the gears. It's in MP3 format, in an effort to keep the file to a reasonable size.

Many of the things I've done with this car are covered in the Ramblings section of this site. Here's an index to most of them, but if you're looking for something specific you can always use the search box at the top of the home page.

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