Sevens I've crashed owned

Three Sevens, five engines. One crash on the road, one on track. Seven ownership is certainly interesting.

I am now on my third Caterham Seven, and it has been an eventful few years. Here I describe the fate of each of those cars. I'm not proud of the fact that my Sevens have acquired a few battle scars, but I feel that it might be useful for others to learn from my experience. I have seen little mention elsewhere of how well Sevens can survive crashes, and how much they cost to put right.

Each of my Sevens has been my main or only car, so they have seen frequent use in all weathers.

I bought my first Seven (cross-flow engine, five-speed de Dion) in January 1996. It met a somewhat grisly end in Yorkshire...
My second Seven replaced the first in November 1996. It was another cross-flow de Dion car, and it survived my ownership intact. Yellow is still my favourite Seven colour...
My third Seven arrived in June 1998. This was a departure from the previous two, being a K-Series car. It was quite seriously injured in May 1999, but made a full recovery and is still soldiering on. I have fitted a bike computer, which is both useful and good fun. The car got a new engine in February 2004.

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