The Emerald "CnS" data block

Rough and ready notes on the "CnS" Emerald data block. Please let me know if you have any further information.

Sent in response to the client sending "$c$s".

Characters (spaces are for readability only; they are not in the data) Meaning
SOH (ASCII 0x01) Start of header.
CnS Identifies the type of block
RS (ASCII 0x1E) 0 aa
RS 1 ..
RS 2 ..
RS 3 ..
RS 4 ..
RS 5 ..
RS 6 ..
RS 7 ..
RS 8 ..
RS 9 ..
RS a ..
RS b ..
EOT (ASCII 0x04) End of transmission.
CnE Indicates the end of this block.

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