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The Rocket is back!
The other innovative car designed by Gordon Murray...

The Seven gets a long rest.

Time for a change?
Never-ending faffing is hacking me off.

Speed limits, schmeed limits
Speed Kills? It's not quite that simple.

The best automatic panorama creator, for free.

It's just the best.

Getting Things Done
Productivity tips from David Allen and Mark Forster.

The Emerald M3D serial format
Want to write your own software to talk to the Emerald?

The Emerald "FPs" data block

The Emerald "spS" data block

The Emerald "CnS" data block

The Emerald "StS" data block

K-Series Click - begone!
James works his magic.

Google for your images?

The Rocket is dead. Long live BEBI
I... want... one.

New battery: Hawker Odyssey PC680
It starts!

Tyre choice
21's, 32's, CR500's: which is best?

Endurance racing in a Caterham at Thunderhill, California

Veypor performance computer

Sarah Louise Brown
Born 3rd April 2004.

UK vehicle recall database

MOT'd for another year

Splodge3 has arrived!
Two weeks early!

They appreciate a decent car.

Using a Seven every day
Are you mad?!

Gloves for winter Sevening
Because frostbite's not nice.

My car is back!
Oh yes...

Engine update
Caveat emptor.

Engine: really dead this time
To be reborn better than ever!

Donington track day
Fabulous day's driving. More engine problems. Pictures by Simon Prickett.

Lightning V8 engine resurfaces?
Monstrous power from a very light (and very expensive) V8.

Engine: kaput?
Death by natural causes?

Starting problems
But it wasn't the starter's fault...

Shure E2 canalphones
Silence is golden.

I love my Seven
Everything is right in the world.

Speedy Steve's Workshop
Steve's new Workshop has sorted my car. I now have working brakes and 13" wheels!

Tom's first aeroscreen ride.
"It was great!"

New exhaust. Nice.

The need for speed. And visibility. Latest updates are at the bottom of the page.

Community Wi-Fi
Broadband for everyone.

Believe everything you've read about how easy the Apple iPod is to use, and how physically gorgeous it is.

Slip sliding away...

Kemble airfield day, 4 October 2002
Peripheral annoyances didn't spoil a good day out.

I can turn the heater off!
No more boiling over when the weather gets hot.

50k miles
Still soldiering on.

Freestyle handling kit - fitted
Dampers, springs, adjustable front anti-roll bar. Latest updates are at the bottom of the page.

Bearing seizes hub in wobbly wheel shock
A "simple" wheel bearing swap proves more difficult than expected.

Dampers: the end is near
One Freestyle Motorsport handling pack coming right up.

Yet Another Wheel Bearing Problem?

Clutch adjustment miraculously cures suspension ills?
Curiouser and curiouser...

How to start racing

Suspension's still not right
New dampers and springs required?

Car problems solved (mostly)
Wheel bearings adjusted, ball joint changed despite recalcitrant suspension.

Seven child seat!
At last Thomas can come out to play with Daddy.

New radiator
Smaller, lighter, warmer.

More car problems
Bleeding brakes reveals dodgy wheel bearings, ball-joints?

Apple iPod for Windows
Hmmm. Lovely.

Thomas demonstrates his good taste

William's a happy chappy

Imprints for posterity
It doesn't look like Play-Doh will be William's favourite toy.

New site design
I hope this new design looks better. Thanks to CityDesk it's much easier to produce.

Playing with Mozilla
It's pretty good, actually.

William Edward Brown
Born 12th May 2002.

April 2002 ramblings
Cot death call to arms, Colerne airfield day, fruity Palm, first track day of the year.

November to December 2001 ramblings
Cheeky reader, it's dangerous out there, ntl rant, router dial-up fun, high-speed internet access, running on fumes, Seven Club meeting reports, puncture.

January to March 2002 ramblings
Good news (oil pressure, head gasket, radiator, exhaust, air filter), head gasket result, Yoko A032R end of term report, Palm IR HotSync, head gasket, old timer, camber and toe, back to work.

May & June 2001 ramblings
Car park prang, effective brakes, Stereo MPs, Haggis pictures, Seven Club meeting report, Haggis damage, Haggis Hunt is over, too much is happening...

September to October 2001 rambles
Yokohama A032Rs, Tillet seat at Cadwell, Seven Club meeting report, Caterham spending spree.

August 2001 ramblings
Wroughton airfield day, toe, blind van driver, starting problems, Seven Club meeting report, Quaife visit, PDA decisions, comparing Sevens.

March & April 2001 ramblings
Knackered seat, 6-point harness, trainers that fit in a Seven, OpenMail canned, GSM info, foxed.

December 2000 to February 2001 ramblings
Life begins at 30, AP-22 vs. G-Tech/Pro, big lens for Digital Ixus, my noisy car, Seven Club meeting reports, Xenon bulbs, new gearknob, Wacom Graphire, big brakes.

August to November 2000 rambles
New PDA/phone hybrids, AP-22 performance meter, fast idling, overheating, bad weather, drooling over the Rocket, Yokohama A539s, fame, UI design, and Seven Club meeting reports.

October to November 1999 rambles
Kemble track day and Mastery at MIRA.

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