The best automatic panorama creator, for free.

I've previously used the panorama tool that comes with Canon cameras. It works, but to get the best results I needed to manually mark the areas of the photos to match up, making it very time consuming.

AutoStitch does exactly what it says on the tin - point it to a bunch of image files, and it creates a panorama. Job done. Just make sure to set a couple of options first: scale 100%; JPEG quality 100. Take a look at some of the examples on the website - stunning.

Here's a couple I did earlier. Be warned: if you click on them you'll get a full-sized version which, although fairly heavily compressed, is still pretty large.

Sevens outside the Kenmore hotel, from the Haggis Hunt, May 2001. 2738x1138, 307 KB.

View from the London Eye, January 2001. 7485x1103, 698 KB.

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