They appreciate a decent car.

One of the great things about Sevens is that they seem to bring out the best in other road users. It's not unusual to get a wave or flash of the lights, or even have a kid in the back of the car in front turn round and gesture excitedly, but generally the Brits are a reserved bunch and the reaction tends to be fairly muted. I need to visit Italy:

We drove from Switzerland through no-mans land, and up to the red and white striped pole, and 3 Italian border guards dressed in immaculate uniforms, sub machine guns slung over the shoulder, designer shades. They spread out around the car and stared. When offered the Passports the Number 1 guard just shook his head and signaled for the barrier to be raised - we started to move off - "Non NON NON" says Number 1. We stop - and the sub machine gun looks very ominous - the end of the barrel right at eye level in a Seven. He winds his fist round and then points down the road - message received. 4,000 rpm, dump clutch, squeal tyres and go for it - look in the mirror and there are 3 guards jumping around waiving their arms and laughing behind us...what an introduction to Italy...

By Dave Hollington, posted to BlatChat.  

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