Gloves for winter Sevening

Because frostbite's not nice.

I've got some new gloves to keep my hands toasty in the freezing weather. I was using Sparco racing gloves (leather palm, nomex back) with silk liners, but my fingertips got extremely cold. I'd also tried some Thinsulate liners but they were too bulky and no warmer than the silk ones.

The new ones are Berghous Windy Gripper gloves, made from fleecy Gore Windstopper material, with a leather palm. They are thin enough to give reasonable feel whilst driving, grippy enough to avoid slipping on the wheel, and I hope they will remain warm whilst wet (fortunately I haven't had to test this requirement yet). They keep my hands as warm as the rest of my body which typically has about four layers covering it, so I'd count that as a recommendation, but only time will tell how well the fleece stands up to regular Sevening abuse (I wear out a pair of leather gloves inside a year).

I got my gloves from Blacks in Reading. The recommendation for these gloves came from this thread on BlatChat.

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