Using a Seven every day

Are you mad?!

Somebody posted on BlatChat about the possibility of using a Seven every day. I'd been meaning to write something up about that, and I just let it all splurge out. Here's a slightly edited version with a couple of extra things I forgot about first time round.

Are you mad? I'm not trying to be rude, but you have to be in order to drive a Seven every day.

I've done it for most of the last 8 years ;-) and in a bizarre kind of way the most stripped out Seven is even more practical than a plush one with a hood. Now I've got an aeroscreen I don't have to faff about with the hood, and the driving experience is much more intense. Here's my advice. Of course it you're anything like me then you will ignore it and learn the time-consuming and expensive way through personal experience over the years.

Basically you want something like the original Superlight. I echo the comments about a 1.6 SuperSport being good enough - I had one for 5 years (just upgraded the engine about a month ago). It'll beat just about anything (other than some Sevens), including on track.

Oh, and the Club is great. You've already found BlatChat, so get yourself down to your local meeting and chat to others who will probably contradict everything I've said. And if you're not elitist about Caterhams then join the Sevens mailing list too.

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