Tom's first aeroscreen ride.

"It was great!"

I think that a child's head is too vulnerable when seated in a screen-less Seven, so Thomas hadn't been out in mine since I fitted the aeroscreen. I've been on the look-out for a helmet which would fit a three year old, and I recently stumbled across Baby Biker, who supply helmets and other motorcycle gear for youngsters. We stopped off at their shop in Leamington Spa yesterday and bought the smallest helmet they had in stock, which was just the right size for Tom.

Thomas didn't like wearing the helmet in the shop because it squished his face, so I made the first ride a short one up the road. He kept covering his face with his hands, but when we stopped on the driveway he said that was because the sun was shining in his eyes. We set off again for a longer run, kitted out with sunglasses this time. Thomas only grabbed my arm (his "I'm scared" signal) once, and that was when I performed a decisive overtake of a rather erratic Golf convertible. Afterwards I asked Tom whether he had enjoyed the ride and he said "it was great!" He's now keenly anticipating being driven to school in the Seven, and also going to Seven Club meetings (but only the last Thursday meet, because kill-joy Mummy says that Tom can't go when he has school the following day).

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