I love my Seven

Everything is right in the world.

Apart from the odd period, I've driven a Seven daily for the last seven years. Over the last winter I was getting bored and frustrated. I got done for speeding for the first time, and I resented the Orwellian state that this country was becoming. What's the point of having a Seven, and getting soaking wet in the pissing rain, if I can't drive it properly? I very nearly sold it. But I didn't.

I had already fitted new dampers (Freestyle), and the Powerspeed exhaust that I'd had on order for ages was finally ready. Neither was a luxury - after 50,000 miles the originals were knackered. Then I decided it was time to fit the aeroscreen that had lain on my garage shelf for over a year. Recently I bought some used 13" wheels with Yoko 32s, and got those on the car. And the weather got better.

I now love my Seven. It's become a different car. It's twitchy and darty and fast and brutal and loud and responsive and delicate, and it's made me both remember what a Seven is all about, and wish I'd bought a SuperLight from the start.

Thanks for listening :-)

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