Dampers: the end is near

One Freestyle Motorsport handling pack coming right up.

After much deliberation and research I have decided to go for the Freestyle kit comprising Avo dampers and springs (with an adjustable front anti-roll bar thrown in for good luck).

The Nitron dampers sound very good, but the package seems a bit too flexible for me - you can specify all the various bump and rebound rates, for high and low frequencies. I'm not a race engineer - I want to buy a complete kit proven to work well on a car similar to mine, which is what Freestyle seem to be offering.

Another factor in Freestyle's favour is that I managed to dig out the copies of Low Flying with articles written by Juno about springs (July 1998) and anti-roll bars (May 1997 - thanks for the reminder, Phil). I didn't take the time to understand all the maths, but it all sounded reasonable. Their approach is to have stiff springs and a fairly thin ARB at the front, with soft springs and no (or very thin) ARB at the rear. That's why I'm going for the adjustable front ARB, and I'll try disconnecting the rear one.

Daren Ball is a Sevener I've chased a couple of times, so I know how he drives. He's also got a K-Series car. He told me today that he's had Avos for a while and he's delighted with them, so that was just the icing on the cake.

I was a bit confused about the relationship between Freestyle and Juno. Apparently Gary May is Juno, and he's also a partner in Freestyle along with Len Unwin, ex of Caterham. Freestyle are selling the bits, and Juno are doing the oily work of fitting them, along with race preparation, servicing, etc.

My car is booked in with Gary on Saturday to fit the bits and flat-floor if time allows. I'm excited! After all the hanging about it feels good to be doing something to try to solve the problem. I just hope my car can make it there...

Contacting Freestyle Motorsport
Freestyle publish a URL, but at time of writing it's not yet live: Freestyle Motorsport. You can get hold of Len on +44 1892 540828, or possibly FreestyleMotorsport@unwinl.freeserve.co.uk (not tried). Gary is on +44 780 174 9054.

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