More car problems

Bleeding brakes reveals dodgy wheel bearings, ball-joints?

I bled my brakes at the weekend! Don't laugh - that's a pretty major achievement for me. Anyway, I went out on Monday evening (I had the day off work) to test my handiwork. Under hard braking the car pulled to the side. At first I thought it was always pulling to the right, but it also pulled the other way a couple of times. It didn't seem as though that could be due to anything that I'd just done - my only thought was that the problem could have been present for a while, but since I don't usually brake like that I hadn't noticed it.

Today on the way into work I occasionally felt the steering briefly go light, sometimes (when cornering) accompanied by a slight tendancy to oversteer. There's something not right here, and it has nothing to do with the brakes. My first though was that I might not have bolted the wheels back on properly (I had to remove them all in order to bleed the brakes), but that wasn't the case. Next I tried wiggling the wheels, and there seemed to be some play in there.

I phoned Steve this evening, and under his guidance seem to have discovered that both front wheel bearings need adjustment or possibly replacing, and the offside lower wishbone ball joint needs to be replaced. Hopefully James has these in stock, because I'd like to get this sorted at the weekend, and I don't trust Caterham's delivery to get the parts here in time.

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