About Strangely's Home

What's here, why it's here, and how it's done.

What's here and why

My main interests are driving my Caterham Seven and playing with computers. I've worked in the software industry for years (I've been a software engineer, technical manager, and I'm now a systems engineer) so I've had my fill of programming, but I like doing the odd bit of writing. This site nicely combines them all.

Parts of this site are intended for a wide audience (mainly those involving Sevens), whilst others are mainly for friends and family, some of whom are spread around the UK and beyond.

How it's done

I favour the simple, usable style of web site championed by Jakob Nielsen. I use Cascading Style Sheets to control the appearance of the site, and I try to ensure that the the HTML of each page encodes the meaning, rather than the look. I used to hack everything by hand, but I got fed up of doing the grunge work so I now use CityDesk Professional Edition by Fog Creek Software (recommended).

Pictures are generally taken with my Canon Digital Ixus (a cracking little camera). They are then manipulated using Jasc After Shot (the nearest I could find to iPhoto on the PC) and The GIMP (most of the Photoshop functionality I need, for free) on a PC. The GIMP allows me to optimise the JPEG compression by interactively showing the effect of changing the compression ratio. I test the pages using Mozilla Firefox (recommended) and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The strangely.org domain is hosted by WebFusion. I now have ADSL provided by Pipex, which makes browsing and uploading much more pleasurable. The search facility is provided for free by Atomz, and I'm very pleased with the service.

This page is http://www.strangely.org/about.html. It was first published on Thursday 20 June, 2002 and last updated on Sunday 4 July, 2004.