L7C Hants (North) & Berks who's who

Recognise the face, but can't recall the name? Spotted an interesting car, and want to talk to the owner? Here's a guide to the Phoenix gang, in alphabetical order of first name.

Note: If you are featured here and would like your details to be updated, or you're not here but would like to be, then drop me a line. If your picture is missing then either make sure you're at a meeting when I have my digicam to hand, email me a small JPEG, or bring a photo that I can borrow and scan in.

Andrew MacSwan
Car is a SuperLight R.
Red SuperLight R.
Andrew Winfer
Andrew's car has a Swindon-tuned Vauxhall engine.
Email: andrew.winfer@uk.ibm.com
Purple HPC with silver anniversary stripe.
Andy Webber
Car is a 1.6 K-Series SuperSport.
British racing green and yellow Seven.

Barry & Florence Mahoney
Car has a Cosworth BDR engine.
HPC with Cosworth engine
Ben Long
Car is a SuperLight.
Orange SuperLight Seven.
Brian Poulton
Brian returns after a few years of absence with his fourth Seven, an 1800 VVC K-Series.
VVC K-Series Seven.
Chris Parsons
Car is a 1.6 K-Series SuperSport.
Email: chris.parsons@ncr.com
Green Seven.
Daren Ball
Daren uses the Seven as his main car. His claim to fame is wearing out a set of four Yokohama A032R's in 2000 miles! The car is a not-very SuperLight with an 1800 K-Series SuperSport engine.
Orange Seven.
Darren Prior
Car is a BRG 1.6 SuperSport with an anniversary stripe and front wing tips in yellow.
Web: www.lazerbrain.com
BRG Seven.

David & Ruth Lees
Car has a tweeked Cosworth BDR engine.
BRG Seven with yellow nose.
David Thomas
Car is a 1700 SuperSprint in dark green.
Green Seven.
David Williams
Car is BRG 1700 SuperSprint with a yellow anniversary stripe.
BRG Seven with yellow anniversary stripe.

Dennis Hicks
It's a blue ex-race car with all the tasty gadgets and an 1800 K-Series engine.
Web: www.dens7.co.uk

Blue 1800 K-Series.
Eric McLoughlin
Nobody cares what Eric's car looks like, but everybody wants to be his friend - look who he hangs out with in the pit lane!
Ian Ellison Red Seven.
Jason Brown
Car is a 1.8 K-Series on throttle bodies, and is Jason's main car.
Email: jason@strangely.org
Web: www.strangely.org
Green (not BRG!) Seven with red wings and anniversary stripe.
Jon Pippard
Car is a 2 litre Vauxhall.
Metallic red Vauxhall Seven.
Kev Sull Red Seven.
Mark Chilton
Car has a 1.8 VVC K-Series engine.
Ruby red Seven.
Nigel Mills
Although he now lives near Aylesbury, Nigel still pays us the occasional visit. Car now has a 2.0l Zetec engine.
Email: nigelmills@nigelmills.freeserve.co.uk
Green Seven with yellow anniversary stripe.
Peter Duce
Car is a 1600 K-Series SuperSport.
Email: peter.duce@talk21.com
Metallic green Seven.

Phil Waters
Car started as a 1600 Sprint, but now has a lovely 2.0l Zetec engine. It also used to be done up in classic BRG / yellow, but it's now resplendent in silver and red.
Email: phil@our-nest.co.uk
Web: www.our-nest.co.uk/Caterham/

Silver Seven with red anniversary stripe.
Ray Hutchings
Ray was crowned as Area Organiser of the Hants (North) & Berks group in June 2006. Car is a 1600 K-Series SuperSport.
Email: rayhutchings@msn.com
Yellow Seven.
Robert Margel
Email: robert_margel@hotmail.com
Web: www.margel.net
Weird metallic orange Superlight.
Rory Stockbridge
Rory competes in sprints, hillclimbs, and plain old circuit racing.
Green and yellow Seven with checked wings.
Roy Booth
Car is an 1800 K-Series with 6-speed box. It's mainly used at weekends, but Roy plans more touring next year - he's already done the Sevens mailing list Scandi2000 tour, and several track days.
Web: www.willfly.net
Yellow 1800 K-Series Seven.
Simon Ray
Simon started competing in sprints and hillclimbs, and has now progressed to circuit racing. He's an ex-area organiser, but his job has now taken him away from the group.
Email: simonray@globalnet.co.uk
Green and yellow Seven with checks on the rear wings.

Steve Foster
Steve is the most recent ex-Area Organiser of the Hants (North) & Berks group. Car is an HPC with a 2.0l Vauxhall engine, now on throttle bodies. Steve made his race debut in 2002 and won the Goodridge John Taylor championship at Lydden Hill.
Email: speedy.steve@ukonline.co.uk
Web: mysite.freeserve.com/speedysteves7/

Yellow Seven, ready for racing.
Steve Motts
Steve's car is a 1979 Caterham and has recently undergone a complete rebuild, now sporting cycle wings, 5 speed gearbox, Kawasaki green paintwork and a generous helping of carbon fibre. Not bad for a 25 year old car!
Email: steve@se7en-up.co.uk
Web: www.se7en-up.co.uk
Kawasaki green Seven.
Tony Whitley
Car is green with a yellow anniversary stripe.
Green and yellow Seven.

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