L7C Hants (North) & Berks - October 2005

Hogs Back tour, and a balmy late-October evening in the car park. By Steve Foster.

This month saw a like-minded small group of area members visit the Hogs Back Brewery  - more about that in a feature report later. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot and probably forgot most of it as the evening wore on :-) We did raise a very welcome £52.50 for NtL. Also many thanks to the die-hard handful of wives who were prepared to ferry the small groups of 'enthusiasts' to and from the venue.

This month I started taking numbers for the Xmas dinner and in the 1st evening had a bumper 27 names signed up. What's more, we have a >70% spouse enrolment.

So, to the meetings, the 2nd Wednesday meeting was damp but not raining. Those of us who braved the elements were treated to some excellent car control opportunities.

holding the thing anywhere near Brent was enough to set it off

Brent was on particularly noisy form. Having had a reportedly boozy 'working' lunch, he just carried on and on, taking pride in his Pride. By chance, I took an alcohol tester along with me and by the evenings close, simply holding the thing anywhere near Brent was enough to set it off. Fortunately for him and other road users, Andy W was his trusty nominated driver. Andy passed the alco test of course.

Many congratulations to Den. He asked girlfriend Emily to marry him and she said yes.

The last Thursday meeting was a dry and balmy evening - really amazing for late October. So warm and summer-like, we spent the entire evening in the car park - where we like it, I hear you say. Chips and Snorkers were brought out to us and Brent was in first, A.P.U.

We had a very good turn out of 7's indeed. There was a lot of tyre smoke as one of us left... especially on the junction to the B road :-) Another new member (Chris) joins the fold and all he needs now is the 7 to complete the experience.

Well, that's all folks for this month,

Area scribe and pi$$ up in a brewery organiser - Steve Foster.

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