L7C Hants (North) & Berks - March 2005

Eenie meenie minie mo, to which pub shall we go? By Steve Foster.

After a bit of dithering about we decided at the last meeting that we would return to the Shoulder of Mutton for the last Thursday meetings until summer is with us and then we will go back to the Phoenix again as we can be in the car park kicking tyres. The Phoenix smoke was too much for many members last meeting there (wasn't it, Brent!).

Jason, Phil and I went for a nice blat on Bank holiday Monday. The roads were pretty clear on the way up to the Henley area. We stopped for tea (cup of, not pint) and then blatted back to Phil's to survey his ongoing projects. A pic or two may pop up somewhere in the mag (Ed allowing). Hope the resolution is high enough, Ed?

All photos are by Steve Foster.

The Xtrac visit will be on the 2nd of June, evening. If you like hi-tech race stuff, cogs and are HN&B, then pop the date in your diary. More details to come nearer the time and these will be distributed via the meetings and email.

Area news:

Well that’s it for this month. Toodle pip.


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