L7C Hants (North) & Berks - January 2005

All change: back at the Phoenix. By Steve Foster.

All photos are by Steve Foster, taken with his phone-cam.

Nice to see so many 7's, 13 in all in the car park at the New Year's meet at the Phoenix.

The Phoenix, yes... it's back, as the last Thursday meeting. The landlord promises friendly service, renovations, flexible bar menu and to want to encourage all the car clubs back / grow the numbers. So after an electronic (email and BlatChat) poll, we are back there again. It's in the walls of the place somehow.

The 2nd meeting as before will stay at The Shoulder of Mutton. The January meeting was well attended, 4 sevens in the car park and a bunch of happy 7'ers in the pub.

I took some pics with my phone camera in the dark (not sure if the Ed will publish these). Hopefully he will in B&W / small size.

Those that braved the cold were rewarded with quiet roads and good grip on the way there. As the night closed in it got damper in the air / on the road I can report that the grip levels were down.

Members update:

I was unfortunately on business in Germany for the last meeting of the month but those attending reported the Phoenix as smoky as ever but good to be back.

A.O. and scribe, Steve Foster.

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