L7C Hants (North) & Berks - July to September 2001 meetings

Bumper summer turnout, Cadwell anticipation, tinkering, and Christmas dinner plans. By Steve Foster.

Summer, summer, summer. We have had a couple of early Sunday morning fun runs. Quite good attendance and I hope to get one or two more in before the winter sets in.

The meetings have been well attended, we counted the magic 30 7's one evening! It was arrive early or face parking around the corner on those balmy evening occasions.

It's late Sept and I am already thinking of our area's Xmas dinner! It seems a bit early, but planing is the key so say... We have a quiz mistress assigned so I can relax on that score I hope.

Robmar has got his new car on the road and is doing a few trackdays to run it in. Several of us are off up to Cadwell on the 5th of Oct, Rob included. Lets hope we can all keep away from the barriers and walls this time!

Mr Waters is plotting his Zetec caper. Jason has fitted a new rear wing, bought a Tillet seat and JPE screen for that fresh air experience. Nigel is getting closer to handling cloud 9 but has been stuck on cloud 7 for a while now. Simon & Helen have left us for Beds and Bucks but will come along to our Xmas dinner for old times sake. Perhaps we can persuade Simon H to write a few lines on his Academy year experiences.....

Would anyone like to step forward as 'sports' organiser to set up the odd Karting event or skidpan session etc for the area?

Area scribe and organiser

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