L7C Hants (North) & Berks - March 2001 meetings

Winter upgrades, fox damage, and sounds. By Steve Foster.

I could not make the 2nd Wed meeting of the month...shame. The last Thurs meeting was well attended with more 7's in the carpark taking advantage of the dry and light weather (well at least for the run to get there).

Many upgrades have taken place over the winter. To name a few....

Simon has completed his header tank fitment to the RKE XF. Nigel has fitted a 165 Zetec and is beaming from ear to ear. There are a few shake down problems but it goes like stink! The close ratio semi helical box is quiet enough when compared to my SC version. Last year Nigel helped me fit the SC box while I was in considerable pain from a slipped disk condition. This time around the roles were reversed in more way than one. I helped Nigel with his engine in and his back was well on the way to going too. When we are both fit it would work like a clock work pit stop on the next engine out jobbie. I took some photo's of Nigel's installation. So how about it then Nigel? A little write up with all the things that everyone else who's done a Zetec installation missed. Like the flywheel cover plate etc.....

Rory has fitted Weber Alphas 3d mapping.

Phil still cannot find why his car mysteriously cut out while I was passengering. It was not me, honest Phil.

Peter was going to sell his 1.6 K for an SLR but other plans have delayed that.

I am about to have 3d mapping and a re-jet and choke upgrade by James W. I will be replacing my SC box for a semi heli one. We are doing the Haggis run and I can't put up with it for hour after hour. I love it on the track and when in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but 5th is too noisy for me this year.

Jason hit a fox at 50 mph and damaged the poor thing. No, no not the Fox, the 7. Cracked nose cone dented ali rad and a new number plate needed. The fox was a complete goner I am afraid. The 'Robin Hood' of Caterhams can still ply back and forth from Binfield to somewhere near Heathrow on it's daily commute however. 'Robin Hood' since it is Sherwood green with a red stripe.

Simon announced that he may well be leaving us. Moving 'up north', well to somewhere near Aylesbury and would like to pass his Area org role on. Everyone else seemed to duck to quickly for me. We will see....

If you are interested in hearing Nigel's new car being raced through the gears or what a VXC with SC box sounds like changing up at 7500 then point you browser to http://pub.se7ens.net/sounds/ The files are fairly small mp3's so no problem to download on a modem. Go to the Winamp site for a free mp3 player if you don't have one. I plan to add Simon's RKE 1700 an R500 and perhaps a SLR if I can find one near. Oh and a bike engined beast is a must too.

Area Scribe Steve Foster

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